AHL User's Guide and Fee Schedule - May 1,2023

Includes test information, new tests, new test panels, and more!

Mobile friendly!

Available on-line at https://www.uoguelph.ca/ahl/

Test information is linked to LabNotes to facilitate test selection and interpretation of results.

2023 Users Guide and Fee Schedule cover

New tests since May 2022:

Chlamydia spp. - PCR, non-food animals

Copper determination in biopsies - ICP-MS

IAPD (Ontario Interactive Animal Pathogen Dashboards) membership (Tableau viewer license charge)

Iodine in serum and urine - ICP-MS

Mycoplasma bovis in semen samples - PCR

Parelaphostrongylus tenuis (meningeal worm) - PCR and sequencing identification

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus-2 - PCR