Antimicrobial residue information, Poison information centers, Adverse reactions

For information on extra label use of antimicrobials in Food Animals please contact Canadian gFARAD:

Online email form available at:  


Poison information centers

Animal exposure

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center – 1 888 426-4435

Note:  “A consultation fee may be applied to credit card”.

Human exposure

Ontario Poison Centre (OPC)


1 416 813-5900 / 1 800 268-9017

Adverse reactions


Notification of suspected adverse reactions to veterinary drugs (pharmaceuticals) report to:

Adverse Reaction Officer:
Tel: 1 877 838-7322
Fax: 613 946-1125
General Tel: 613 954-5687
Submission and Knowledge Management Division, VDD
Fax: 613 946-1125

Veterinary Drugs Directorate
Health Products and Food Branch
Health Canada
Holland Cross Complex
Tower A, Ground Floor
11 Holland Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L2
Address Locator - 30000A

Notification of suspected adverse reactions to veterinary pesticides:

Pest Management Regulatory Agency
2250 Riverside Drive
A.L. 6606D2
Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9
Tel: 1 800 267-6315
Outside Canada (Long distance charges apply): 1 613 736-3799

Notification of suspected adverse reactions to veterinary biologics (vaccines, bacterins, etc.):

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Animal Products Directorate
Animal Health and Production Division
Veterinary Biologics Section
59 Camelot Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0Y9