B. Serum/plasma/blood mineral panels

Test name Blood lead Trace element screen Selenium
Test code tpbb icpse tsems
Method Furnace ICP-MS ICP-MS ICP-MS
Sample requirement Blood Serum*/Plasma* Serum*/Plasma*/Blood
Note Minimum volume 0.1 mL Minimum volume 0.25 mL
    Cobalt (Co)  
    Copper (Cu)  
    Iron (Fe  
Panel elements Lead (Pb)    
    Manganese (Mn)  
    Molybdenum (Mo)  
    Selenium (Se) Selenium (Se)
    Zinc (Zn)  

Trace element screen – use royal blue top (available for serum with clot activator or plasma with K2EDTA) blood collection tubes.

*Separate serum or plasma prior to shipping.