OAHN update – September 2019

OAHN update – September 2019

Michael Deane, Kate Todd

Animal Health Laboratory, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.

AHL Newsletter 2019;23(3):3.

It’s been a busy summer for the Ontario Animal Health Network, with the conclusion of multiple research projects, publishing many veterinary, producer, and owner reports, creating a small flock poultry video series, and continuing with publishing disease alerts, infographics, and information sheets. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to.

New infographics and info sheet

infographic on cat cystitis infographic on antibiotic use

The OAHN Companion Animal network has created a new infographic on Bacterial Cystitis in Cats vs Dogs and an information sheet covering an overview, transmission, clinical signs, diagnosis, precautions, and additional resources on Brucella canis. Please find it here: https://oahn.ca/resources/brucella-canis-factsheet/.​

Additionally, the network put together a Rabies Resource page for Veterinarians, containing links to resources, how-to videos for rabies testing sample collection, infographics, flow charts, and more. If you are a veterinarian, sign up to OAHN.ca, log in, and view it here: https://oahn.ca/resources/rabies-resource-page-for-veterinarians/.

The OAHN Equine Network also created a new infographic, which is focused on how veterinarians can reduce antimicrobial use in their equine practice. View the infographic here: https://oahn.ca/resources/infographic-how-you-can-help-reduce-antibiotic-use/.

OAHN small flock poultry veterinary video series

OAHN has been working with Dr. Victoria Bowes, a diagnostic avian pathologist with a special interest in small flock medicine, to produce a series of videos to assist veterinarians treating small flock poultry. We have completed our respiratory disease video series; neurologic disease and enteric disease series are coming soon!  Veterinarians can access these videos by first logging into the OAHN site (https://oahn.ca/log-in/)and following these links:

Completed research projects

Each OAHN network has embarked on one or more research initiatives related to disease surveillance for their specific species. Recently, the poultry network published summary results of two projects, and the bee network published results from their research project as well. Find details below:

We have lots of new reports, lab data, and resources. Be sure to check out OAHN.ca.   AHL