External laboratories

For tests not conducted within AHL laboratories, samples may be forwarded/referred to other labs within Canada, USA, or Europe.   AHL offers referrals for the convenience of our clients, and does not assume responsibility for the quality of requested external laboratory testing services. Referral test codes are preceded by “x”.  In the event that AHL is temporarily unable to perform a test for which it is accredited, the sample will be forwarded to a competent subcontract laboratory, e.g., AAVLD-accredited laboratory.  AHL does retain proof of the competency of the external laboratory in a subcontract situation.

Samples are shipped by overnight courier Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays. 

Not all tests are listed in this Guide.  Contact AHL-Guelph at 519 824-4120 ext 54530 if you need assistance in finding a specific test not listed.

LSD assumes responsibility to our clients for the tests we subcontract, except in cases when the subcontracted laboratory is specified by the client or a regulatory agency.  
Note – External laboratory turnaround time (TAT) is shown in our Fee Schedule with a * (e.g. 5-7 d*).  This indicates the TAT from the time the specimens arrive at the external laboratory not from the time they arrived at the AHL.