Gastrointestinal Disease in Sows/Gilts/Boars

Required Forms:

OAHN Swine Small Scale Herd Postmortem Project-Survey

OAHN Swine Small Scale Herd Postmortem Project - Submission form

Gastrointestinal Disease in Sow/Gilt/Boar tissue sampling list

TISSUE SAMPLING LIST-collect the following samples from EACH pig

Fresh tissues: 1 sample per Whirl-Pak bag, per pig – label with stickers provided.

Formalin-fixed tissues: 1 sample jar per pig.

Tissue Fresh (include lesions) In Formalin (include lesions)
Tonsil X X
Thyroid gland   X
Trachea   X
Thymus   X
Lung X2 X
Heart   X
Liver X X
Spleen X X
Kidney X X
Adrenal gland   X
Pancreas   X
Mesenteric lymph node X X
Gastrohepatic lymph node X X
Stomach   X
Duodenum   X
Jejunum   X
Ileum X4 X
Spiral colon X3 X
Feces X  
Diaphragm   X
Skeletal muscle   X
Brain (or head) X half, sagitally sectioned (OR entire head, fresh) X half sagitally sectioned (OR entire head, fresh)

Gastrointestinal Disease in Sows /Gilts / Boars

Fresh tissues: Use a separate Whirl-Pak bag for each sample – label bags with the stickers provided (tissue name).

Formalin-fixed tissues: Use 1 sample jar per pig. For solid organs, samples should be approximately 1-2  cm2.  For intestine, take approximately 3 cm long segments and partially open longitudinally with scissors (to allow formalin to contact the mucosal surface). 

Test list (for AHL use - included on submission form):

Virology: PRRSV PCR prtqn, influenza A virus PCR inflpcr: lung

                  Rotavirus A/B/C and Porcine coronavirus PCR rotapcr, pcorpcr: ileum

Bacterial culture bsetup, cults: ileum, colon (pool)

Lawsonia PCR lapcr: ileum

Brachyspira spp PCR brpcr and bspcr: colon

Parasitology – fecal flotation fflot: feces

Histopathology hist

Freeze and hold: tonsil / spleen, lung, kidney / liver, lymph nodes, ileum, colon, brain.