OAHN Update - June 2022

Mike Deane, Tanya Rossi

Animal Health Laboratory, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.

This spring, the Ontario Animal Health Network has focused on spreading educational tools, news, and resources about Avian Influenza in Ontario, and working on our upcoming Varroa Monitoring Campaign (with OMAFRA, U of G, and the OBA).  In addition, we have finished a research project, created some resources, and held our quarterly species-specific meetings.  The resultant veterinary and owner/producer reports reflect what is being seen in veterinary practice, labs, and abattoirs throughout Ontario.  To view the reports, go to OAHN.ca and navigate to the species you are interested in.

New Resources


New Reports

OAHN Bovine
  • Surveillance: Q4 2021 Animal Health Laboratory Data
  • Report a Bovine Disease to OAHN
  • Salmonella Dublin Update
  • Case Report: Salmonella Dublin in a Lactating Dairy Herd
  • Practitioner Inquiry: Is leptospirosis making a comeback?
OAHN Poultry
  • Outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in Ontario: H5N1
  • Poultry Veterinary Survey Highlights – Q1 2022
OAHN Swine
  • Disease Discussion
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Reports
  • Slaughter Statistics
  • CanSpotASF Surveillance Update
  • OVC Research Update
OAHN Equine
  • Fecal Water Syndrome – what’s new?
  • eNAD / EDM
  • OAHN Q4 2021 survey: Key results
  • Network member reports
  • Laboratory data – Highlights for Q4 2021
OAHN Companion
  • OAHN survey: GI disease, heartworm
  • Imported Asian dog study summary
  • Rabies: 2nd imported rabid dog
  • Lyme disease risk area map 2022
  • OAHN info sheets, antiparasitics