OAHN Update - June 2023

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Mike Deane, Tanya Rossi

Animal Health Laboratory, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

This spring, the OAHN networks held multiple meetings, released reports, and completed many research projects. Read on to find out what new communications and resources are now available.  To view any of our network reports and research projects, go to OAHN.ca and navigate to the species you are interested in.

New Resources and Completed Research Projects:

Continuing Education Videos:

Lactococcosis in rainbow trout

Trace mineral status in beef herds

The OAHN Aquaculture Network organized a talk with Dr. Veronique LePage who shared the Ontario rainbow trout aquaculture perspective on lactococcosis.  The video can be viewed here:  https://www.oahn.ca/resources/video-lactococcosis-the-ontario-rainbow-trout-aquaculture-perspective-with-dr-veronique-lepage/

The OAHN Bovine Network organized a webinar to discuss the findings from its Trace mineral status in Ontario beef herds research project.  Dr. Cheryl Waldner from the University of Saskatchewan gave a talk on ‘Micronutrients deficiencies and their contribution to a variety of herd problems’.  The recording of this webinar and Dr. Waldner’s talk can be found here (must be registered with OAHN and logged in to view): https://www.oahn.ca/resources/video-trace-status-in-ontario-beef-herds/

New Reports

Most OAHN networks create reports once per quarter.  To view any of the veterinary reports below, please click on the OAHN icon for each network, or go to OAHN.ca and navigate to the species in which you are interested.

OAHN Poultry
  • Chicken anemia virus (CAV) in Ontario: Understanding breeder vaccination and broiler flock management
  • Poultry veterinary survey highlights – Q1 2023
  • Events and news
OAHN Equine
  • Bits ‘N Snips
  • Bladder stones, equine coronavirus, melanomas
  • Network member reports
  • Syndromic and lab surveillance dashboard
  • ResearchONequine 
OAHN Bovine
  • Webinar: Trace mineral monitoring in beef cattle
  • OAHN-OABP In-clinic milk culture survey
  • Salmonella Dublin update
  • OAHN Mastitis report
  • Surveillance: Q3 and Q4 Animal Health Laboratory data
  • Articles of interest
OAHN Swine  
  • Disease surveillance discussion
  • Animal Health Laboratory reports
  • Ontario slaughter statistics
  • CanSpotASF surveillance update
  • International disease surveillance topics