OAHN update - September 2020

Sabrina Di Ilio and Melanie Barham

Animal Health Laboratory, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.

AHL Newsletter 2020;24(3):6.

The Ontario Animal Health Network has been busy throughout the summer releasing new info sheets, reports, and a new website.  Read on to find links and descriptions of what we have been working on.

PM examination of dead and skinny goats infographic

Value of a Postmortem for your Goat Herd

The OAHN Small Ruminant Network created a new video: The Value of a Postmortem for Your Goat Herd.  This whiteboard video is directed at producers and outlines the value of performing a postmortem on goats that die unexpectedly in order to keep their herd healthy.

Bacterial Kidney Disease infosheet

The OAHN Fish Network created an infosheet on Bacterial Kidney Disease in Ontario for producers in response to the influx in BKD detections.

Small Ruminant infosheets

The Small Ruminant Network has been creating new infosheets based off of topics reported on in previous quarterly updates. The infosheets released so far are: Guide to Safe Handling and Sheep and Goat Placentas, Toxoplasmosis, Maedi Visna, Fecal Egg Counts: Tips and Tricks, and Campylobacter Abortions.

Campylobacter abortions-information sheet

OAHN Website Update 

Take a look at the newly updated OAHN website at OAHN.ca!  It features more intuitive navigation and improved organization of OAHN network materials.  All new reports are also searchable and mobile-friendly so you can find and send them easily. 

New Reports and Resources

The latest network reports for companion animals, bovine, swine, poultry, and equine have been posted to the OAHN site under “Network Reports”.  OAHN released an Ontario Animal Health Annual Update in both English and French versions that outline research and highlights of 2019.

We have lots of other new reports, lab data, and resources.  Be sure to check out OAHN.ca