Hugh Cai

DVM, MVSc, MSc, DVSc, Veterinary Microbiologist

     Hugh received a Master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine (Jilin, China), a Master’s degree in microbiology (Ottawa), and a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Science (OVC, Guelph).  Hugh joined the AHL in 1997 as a Veterinary Molecular Biologist, then a Veterinary Microbiologist.  He supervises the sections of Molecular Biology, Mycoplasmology, Fish testing and Honey Bee testing.  Hugh’s focus is on the molecular diagnosis of infection of difficult-to-culture microorganisms.


     Hugh is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Pathobiology, OVC.  He is an internal assessor of ISO-17025 and AAVLD accreditation.  He enjoys photography, cycling and swimming.