Nick Schrier

BSc, MSc, Technical Supervisor, Toxicology/Soil & Nutrient

Nick Schrier was born in London, Ontario, but spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Montreal, Quebec.  His family moved back to Ontario where he completed his last year of high school.  After graduating with his BSc in applied chemistry from the University of Guelph, he worked as a production supervisor for a fine chemical manufacturer.  In 1987, he joined the University of Guelph, Chemistry department, as the third-year chemistry undergraduate laboratory coordinator.  During his time in the Chemistry department, he earned his MSc in analytical chemistry.  He joined the Animal Health Laboratory in 1998.

As technical supervisor of the veterinary toxicology lab section, Nick supervises routine testing, method development; research projects and acts as principal investigator for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) projects.  He is currently the president of the American Academy of Veterinary and Comparative Toxicology (AAVCT).