Salmonella Dublin testing in milk now available

Jim Fairles, Davor Ojkic

Animal Health Laboratory, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

AHL Newsletter 2023;27(1):14.

The AHL has verified the suitability of PrioCheck Salmonella Dublin antibody ELISA for milk samples.  This verification was performed using: (i) milk and serum samples received from Ontario practitioners; and (ii) an interlaboratory comparison with another AAVLD-accredited laboratory (Animal Health Diagnostic Centre, Cornell University).  The results of this comparison confirmed that this antibody ELISA is a robust and reliable test for milk as well as serum.  Therefore, the AHL is now accepting both milk (individual animal milk samples and string or bulk tank milk samples) and serum (individual serum samples) for Salmonella Dublin antibody ELISA testing.

Please note that this test is very sensitive; consequently, milk carry-over from one cow to the next can result in a false positive test result.  Therefore, careful attention to milking order and verification of positive milk results using serum testing are important when testing individual animal milk samples.   AHL