A. Tissue mineral panels

Test name Heavy metals screen Salt screen Trace element screen  Total Iodine Selenium, tissue
Test code hmsc salsc icpti iod tseft
Note Reported on a wet weight basis*
Panel elements Antimony (Sb)        
Arsenic (As)        
Beryllium (Be)        
Boron (B)        
Cadmium (Cd)        
  Calcium (Ca)      
Chromium (Cr)        
Cobalt (Co)   Cobalt (Co)    
Copper (Cu)   Copper (Cu) Iodine (I)  
Iron (Fe)   Iron (Fe)    
Lead (Pb)        
Magnesium (Mg) Magnesium (Mg)      
Manganese (Mn)   Manganese (Mn)    
Mercury (Hg)        
Molybdenum (Mo)   Molybdenum (Mo)    
Nickel (Ni)        
  Phosphorus (K)      
Selenium (Se)   Selenium (Se)   Selenium (Se)
  Sodium (Na)      
Tin (Sn)        
Thallium (TI)        
Zinc (Zn)   Zinc (Zn)    

*Dry weight results (samples are freeze dried) are available for an extra charge.

Note: Liver biopsy <0.1 g (wet) is freeze dried and reported on a dry weight basis (extra charge applies)

Mercury, copper, and zinc can be ordered as single elements, and other elements are available upon request as single elements. Please contact the lab or see individual test descriptions in our catalogue for specimen, collection, handling, current prices, etc.