Climate solutions found in genes

Alliance-funded researcher Praveen Saxena, professor of plant agriculture at the University of Guelph and director of the Gosling Institute for Plant Preservation, discusses fundamental aspects of plant development and using new tools like micropropagation to accelerate plant breeding and save species that are dying due to disease or climate challenges. He’s been working to introduce cold tolerance into Ontario hazelnut trees.

Perinatal broiler feeding research project

Alliance-funded researcher Dr. Elijah Kiarie speaks to Canadian Poultry about new ways to make a bird’s digestive system stronger and faster – using a protein that is commonly found in milk.

Setting dairy calves up for success

Three U of G researchers Drs. Michael Steele, David Renaud and Charlotte Winder discuss their dairy calf research and the importance of nutrition, health and welfare.

Why is Ontario a hub for ag tech development?

Daniel Bath, research scientist in horticultural automation at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, discusses the influx of innovation as the next wave in agriculture’s long history with automation.

Ontario beekeepers reeling from triple-season hit

Paul Kelly, research and apiary manager for U of G's Honeybee Research Centre, discusses decreased honeybee populations in Ontario and Canada and shares educational videos produced with Alliance funding. 

U of G team trying to develop biodegradable agriculture plastics

Alliance-funded associate professor of engineering Dr. Erica Pensini with collaboration from Prof. Alejandro Marangoni in the food science department discuss their research on biodegradable film that could eliminate the need to find a recycling market or contribute to landfill waste for plastic bunk silo covers and horticultural mulch.

Why a One Health approach to avian influenza matters

A new Conversation article on avian influenza from OVC's Drs. Shayan Sharif and Jeff Wichtel discusses a OneHealth approach with equal importance on measures from animal, human and environmental health perspectives.

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