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The University of Guelph is pleased to host a second Pathway to Increase Standards and Competency of eDNA Surveys (PISCeS) International Conference on June 18-20, 2023. Academia, regulators, industry, NGO’s, and Indigenous partners are invited to join in a discussion on Pathways to Increase Standards and competency of Environmental DNA Surveys. The intent of the conference is to explore and inform public policy, industry strategies and future research on eDNA.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Elizabeth Clare (York University) 
Title: Concealed in plain sight: a hidden vault of global biodiversity data  

Dr. Louie Lopez (University of Victoria) 
Title: Learning from DNA in dirt: Use of sedimentary DNA (sedDNA) in reconstructing the history of freshwater fish settlement in lakes in the Alberta Oil Sands Region 

Dr. Matthew Yates (University of Windsor)
Title: Casting a new type of net: critical considerations for linking quantitative eDNA data to organism abundance    

Dr. Melania Cristescu (McGill University)
Title: Monitoring environmental health using eRNA 

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