Congratulations to the winners of the CBS photo contest 2019!

Posted on Thursday, April 18th, 2019

With over 50 submissions involving a broad and incredible range of CBS experiences, the winners of the photo contest have been selected. Thank you so much to all who shared their photos with us.

Researchers in blue ice-lined cave with snow-covered mountains in the distance.

First place

By: Alexander Hare, PhD student Dept. of Integrative Biology
Field season in the Yukon, exploring Kluane National Park.


Close-up of hand holding a hatchling painted turtle.

Second place

By: Amy Hall, B.Sc. student Dept. of Integrative Biology
Releasing a painted turtle hatchling back into the wild in Muskoka, Ontario. Eggs were excavated from dangerous locations (i.e. roadways or areas with high predation risks)and incubated until hatched.


A young man smiles while sorting garbage in a warehouse with a hard hat and hi-visibility vest on.

Third place

By: Valerie Hruska, M.Sc. student Dept. of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences on behalf of The Guelph Family Health Study
One family’s trash is another student’s thesis! The Family Food Skills Study investigates associations between food literacy, diet quality, and household food waste – all sorted by hand.


A curious deer looks into the camera at night.A groundhog munching on vegetation surrounded by plants in nature.

Honourable mention goes to Emily Lupton (B.Sc student in Dept. of Integrative Biology) for her trailcam photographs of these two adorable creatures!


To see all of the photo contest entries, please visit CBS's Flickr page.

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