Congratulations to the Recipients of the U of G Student Life Awards 2020

Posted on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

The College of Biological Science is proud to help recognize the contributions of the recipients of the Student Life Awards 2020. Thank you and congratulations!

Carl Rom Colthoff Experiential Learning Award Recipient: Cole Heasley, College of Biological Science

Cole was part of the Undergraduate Research Assistant program. He has been working with Dr. Matthew Little in the Population Medicine Department. Cole is focusing on improving food security in Guelph, the project is run by a community partner, the SEED. Cole chose courses that allowed him to spend more time on the project throughout the fall semester while remaining a full-time student because he enjoyed the project so much and wanted to see it through. Cole worked very flexible hours to ensure that those involved faced as few barriers as possible. Cole is also the Vice-President Social and Co-President with the Toxicology Students Association. Cole is an exceptional leader and leader who is passionate about community work.

Diversity & Inclusion Award Undergraduate Recipient: Isaiah Burton, College of Biological Science

Isaiah is the current President of the Guelph Black Students’ Association (GBSA). Outside of the GBSA, Isaiah also volunteers at the Campus Alcohol Recovery Room and served as the Interhall Council East Residence Vice President. Isaiah has demonstrated strong leadership and a tremendous amount of care for the students at the University of Guelph.Recognition of barriers to accessing programs and resources, supporting the student experience of intersecting and marginalized identities (i.e. race, gender, identity, sexual diversity, faith, etc.) and a consistent willingness to collaborate with various internal and external partners.

Diversity & Inclusion Award Graduate Recipient: Sharon Wang, College of Biological Science

Sharon was a principle organizer for the Symposium for Women Entering Evolution and Ecology Today, she is also one of the graduate student reps on the GenEQcommittee. Sharon’s accomplished many things in her time here at U of G but what stood out to the committee was her work with the Integrative Biology Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee. Sharon is the co-chair along with Dr. Chris Caruso. They drafted an EDI statement that the department is using for practices such as hiring which has resulted in a noticeable culture shift and has been enthusiastically received by the Provost. Sharon has also been part of symposiums, programs and conferences, securing funding for many to ensure others have opportunities. She is a profound leader, constantly trying to break down the systems holding underrepresented people back.

Hasnul F. Abdollah International Student Award Recipient: Swathy Sethuraman, College of Biological Science

Swathy is a Peer Helper on the International Student Experience team and is a Program Facilitator for International House RLS. She has been involved in formulating and facilitating programs such as mental health, academics and way finding in a new environment for international students. She helps students develop tools and life-skills through discussion circles and socials. She has also been a START International volunteer, welcoming international students to campus and being a key player in their first year experience.

R.P. Gilmor Student Life Award Student Recipient: Carolyn Trombley, College of Biological Science

Carolyn is a graduate student and member of the Integrative Biology Undergraduate Mentorship Program (iBUMP) on campus, impacting over 200 undergraduate students since she got involved. In this role, Carolyn helps undergraduate students write graduate school applications, find a supervisor, write a CV, and network with others. Carolyn assists undergraduates through their degrees in Integrative Biology, and providing them with social outlets to get to know their peers. Through Carolyn’s efforts, her program has grown and improved, providing a better student experience for her fellow students.


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