CBS IT Security

The University of Guelph offers several services to enhance the security of computing on campus and off campus.  Please visit the links to learn more about each service.



CCS Information Security website - Provides information on IT security services and resources offered by CCS.


Endpoint Encryption Policy - Provides information in regards to the encryption requirements for specific users who's computing equipment fall under this policy


Virtual Private Network (VPN) service - Provides information in regards to Remote Secure Access for end users.


IT Asset Management and Disposal - Provides information in regards to the proper disposal or reuse of IT Assets (computers, printers, etc.)


University of Guelph Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology - defines the acceptable use and breaches of acceptable use of information technology resources at the University.  The policy applies to anyone who uses or accesses any IT resource belonging to, or under the control of or in the custody of, the University of Guelph