Network Drive Mapping

PLEASE NOTE: if you are running this script from off-campus you should first download, install and run the Cisco Anyconnect VPN.  If you don't have it you can login (using your U of G central login ID and password) and download the Cisco Anyconnect VPN software here:

For more instructions on how to get the Cisco Anyconnect VPN software configured and working please use this link:


For Windows users that wish to map to V: drive please use the following link (you will need to right click and save as...) to download and run the following script/batch file:

V drive network mapping

Note: the batch file will ask for a your central login ID and password.  The central login ID should be preceded by cfs\

For example, if the username was jdoe the user should put cfs\jdoe as the username when requested by the batch file.


For Mac users that wish to map to V: drive, please use the following instructions:

  1. Run VPN first and sign in.
  2. Use the Mac Finder, then click on "Go" and then "Connect to Server"
  3. Now use the following address: smb://
  4. You should add this address to your favorites by clicking on the "+" button
  5. You will now be asked for a username and password, enter your central login ID and password.
  6. The contents of V: drive should now show up in the Finder.