Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving Contacts

Preparing Outgoing Shipments (Purolator/FedEx)

  • Print, complete, and drop off the Courier form to Chem Stores staff along with all outgoing envelopes/parcels by 10:00 am if you would like your parcel to be sent out on the same day.
  • Parcels must be marked with the complete sender and recipient addresses.
  • If you are shipping dangerous goods, including anything on dry ice, please contact:
    • Mail Services x 52264. Kevin Endcott will prepare the "Transportation of Dangerous Goods Papers" and shipping papers. When you receive these, bring the parcel and paperwork to Chem Stores by 2pm for pick up by courier.
  • If you are shipping any non-dangerous goods out of the country other than printed documents, please refer to:


Receiving and Delivery of Parcels

  • All shipping and receiving for the Science Complex is done through the Chem Stores.
  • Tracking information for all incoming orders is logged.
  • Parcels are delivered to research labs before the end of the workday.
  • Occasionally when Chem Stores is short staffed, you may receive an email to come down and pick up your parcels. You may also be contacted to pick up any items that require urgent attention.
  • Recipients must hand all packing slips, signed and dated, for received parcels directly to the CBS Purchasing Unit (SCIE 3449).
  • There is no internal access to the loading dock. Only authorized personnel are allowed within the Chem Stores area for safety reasons.

Large Item Receiving

  • Large items are received on the lower loading dock, shipping information is logged.
  • Recipients will be notified of arrival, and be provided with access cards and the freight elevator key to move the large items to their lab space from room 0508.
  • Recipients are responsible for taking all skids and packaging materials out to bins outside of the loading dock.
  • Packaging materials cannot be left in room 0508.

Receiving and Delivery of Nuclear Substances/Radiation Devices

  • Parcels containing nuclear substances or radiation devices will be delivered directly to the recipient. A "Confirmation of receipt" form will be provided, and the original copy must be returned to staff at Chem Stores (to comply with CNSC procedures).  We will fax your form to the Radiation Safety Officer.