Student Stipend Information

Funding levels: Students in M. Sc. Programs

Funding levels: Students in Ph.D. Programs

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA)

Students appointed as graduate teaching assistants will be asked to perform teaching-related duties. These may include preparing and conducting tutorials, laboratories and seminars; grading assignments, reports and examinations, and performing other related duties. Students may hold a GTA in a department in which they are not registered. For more information see the Graduate Calendar

* As the GTA rate is increased through negotiations undertaken by CUPE 3913, the total funding provided to student will also increase

Graduate Service Assistantships (GSA)

Typically, the services provided by GSAs fall into two categories: Work that is directly related to the academic enterprise but not properly a GTA or GRA. Examples of these services include the preparation of academic or administrative reports and the compilation of statistics for departmental use. For more information see the Graduate Calendar

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA)

Graduate students may be supported through research grants received by faculty members from external agencies or governments. The student's research must contribute to the research of the faculty member under whose direction it is conducted. It must be used in the preparation of the student's thesis. For more information see the Graduate Calendar.