Summer Exchange Programs

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Summer exchanges are great short-term study abroad options, where you will pay tuition to U of G for the number of credits you will be taking while on exchange. Your program counsellor will determine the number of credits for these programs. Apart from the summer exchange opportunities, you may also want to explore the options of our summer language and summer research programs.

The updated information for each 2024 summer program will be added as it becomes available.  In the meantime, see the information from previous years on each website. 

Students can take one course while interacting with other students from around the world.  A team of British students organize and lead social activities for the participants.  A set program fee includes accommodation, two meals per day, a 5-day orientation in London, social events in Exeter, and day trips. Find a full list of courses being offered on their website. For example, these are some of the courses that have been offered in the past: British Cultures, Contract Law, Healthcare Physiology, How Can STEM Support Sustainability, Human Rights Law, Internatioanl Relations, Precentative Medicine, Project Management, Rethinking Shakespear, and more. The fee for residence, field trips, and other services is approximately £2000.

Exeter International Summer School Website

Spend an unforgettable summer studying at the University of Leeds, exploring the UK and making new friends. LISS combines world-class tuition and academic field trips with exciting excursions and social events. Immerse yourself in British culture and society for two or four weeks in July. There are over 30 different academic modules to choose from in Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Science and Social Sciences. Each LISS course is worth 5 ECTS = 0.5 U of G credits and they can choose to take one over 2 weeks, or two over 4 weeks. Experience the best of what Leeds has to offer academically, culturally and socially with our all-inclusive programme. The LISS fee includes university accommodation, breakfast and lunch (weekdays) and premium gym membership. Academic field trips, cultural excursions and social activities are also included. Participating students will pay the non-tuition costs reducing the 4-week fee to £1,945 (usually £3,725) and the 2-week fee to £1,175 (usually £2,065) and can apply for the LISS Champion scholarship

Leeds International Summer School Website

Study with fellow students from all over the world, choosing to take a 3-week or 6-week programme in June and July.  Students will receive 0.5 U of G credits for the 3-week program and 1.0 U of G credits for the 6 week program.  ULiverpool’s tuition fee is waived for U of G students. Stay in a ULiverpool residence for approximately £550 - £1000.  Take part in a range of social and cultural activities, including one day trip in each 3-week programme. 

Liverpool's International Summer School Website

2-4 week courses in July, 2023

Excelia university is ranked within the top 5% of business schools in the world. Based on the seaside campus of the 1000-year old city La Rochelle, you will be living and studying in the heart of one of the most vibrant and touristic cities in France. Choose from courses in English or French such as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility & Event Management’, ‘UX & Web Design’, ‘French, Culture & Gastronomy’, ‘French, Culture & Acadians History’ and gain up to 1.0 U of G credits. The courses include cultural excursions and company visits. Live in a fully equipped student or private residence.  Excelia’s tuition fee is waived for U of G students. 

Excelia's International Summer School Website

Restricted to students in Business-related fields of study

Students will be able to take four of the following 'mini' courses, which together usually equal 1.0 U of G credits:  Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Ethics, International Marketing, International Human Resource Management, Introduction to International Business.  Accommodations are available in a local residence.  The regular winter semester at MCI doesn't finish until the end of June, so there will be lots of local and international students on campus to interact with.  In addition, summer program students can pay an optional activity fee of approximately 300 Euros that covers a local bus pass, as well as social activities and field trips including a two-day trip to Vienna. 

MCI Summer Program Website

Students will take one of the following courses for which they can receive 0.5 U of Guelph credits: Exploring Sweden, the Anthropological Way, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Implementation for Improved Health Care, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Swedish context, Leadership and Organisational Behaviour in Contemporary Organisations, Nanotechnology - Sustainable Challenges and Social Impact, and the Use (and Abuse) of Culture.  Participants will live in residence for a fee of approximately $760 CAD for the month.  There will be a welcome orientation for participants as well as two organized field trips to Stockholm, and Vadstena by the Lake. 

Linkoping Summer Academy Website

There are two different sessions in which students can choose courses from.  Students can stay in the Lingnan residences, and there is an airport pick-up service and orientation program for the summer students.

Lingnan Summer School Website has a lot of great information available for students about the 

Take two courses during one or both sessions.  Students from any program can apply.  HKPU tuition fees are waived for University of Guelph students due to our exchange agreement with HKPU, and HKPU also waives the residence accommodations fee!  There are optional group field trips to Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing or Shanghai during the week between the sessions for an additional small fee. 

HKPU Summer School Website

Application Information

To apply for the summer exchange programs you must complete the online application. Step-by-step application instructions are outlined in the link below.

Application Instructions