Code of Ethical Conduct - Policy and Advisory Group

The University of Guelph recognizes the need for working conditions to meet international standards including the provision of a living wage. By implementing the Code of Ethical Conduct for Suppliers and Subcontractors the University is working to facilitate a process by which purchasers on campus will buy products and services from suppliers who treat their employees in a fair and ethical manner. Through the need to purchase, the University of Guelph is joining others in promoting a greater standard of ethical conduct from suppliers and subcontractors.

To help suppliers affirm their commitment to ethical conduct towards employees, they are required to comply with the specific requirements outlined in these policies and procedures. Since December 2004, the University of Guelph requires that all suppliers and subcontractors participate in the Factory Assessment Program managed by the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). This program helps potential suppliers and subcontractors meet or exceed acceptable standards for working conditions. The University will engage this process before entering into a contract with a supplier or subcontractor.

Policies & Procedures

Advisory Committee 2020-21


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