Supplemental Privilege

What is a Supplemental Privilege?

A Supplemental Privilege is the opportunity for a student to obtain credit for a course he/she has failed by completing additional course requirements as determined by the instructor.  A Supplemental Privilege is considered a separate course attempt and is intended to provide evaluation of the full course material.

Who is Eligible for a Supplemental Privilege?

Supplemental privileges are granted at the discretion of the Engineering Academic Review Committee.  Students registered in the B.Eng. program are normally permitted only one supplemental privilege during their studies.  A student would be eligible for a Supplemental Privilege if their first course attempt resulted in a grade between 40-50%.  A supplemental privilege may be granted for 3000 or 4000 level courses provided the course failure impacts the time line for graduation. 

Students must apply for a Supplemental Privilege no later than the 5th class day of the following semester.

Does the Grade of the Supplemental Privilege Replace the Failed Grade?

No.  The student will retain the original failing grade on their academic record and as part of their academic average.  The Supplemental Privilege is an additional course attempt, but the original grade is noted with a P for pass or F for fail noted beside it.  The grade from the Supplemental Privilege does not get included in the academic average.

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