University of Guelph Student Selected as 2015 Allstream Information and Communication Technology Engineering Scholarship Winner

Posted on Friday, May 1st, 2015

A new ambassador and role model for women in engineering has joined the list of Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation scholarship recipients. The Foundation is proud to announce that Kelly Gribbons, a second year Systems and Computing Engineering student at the University of Guelph, has been named the 2015 Allstream Information and Communication Technology Engineering Scholarship Winner.

This prestigious $5,000 scholarship is awarded annually to the most promising woman interested in the information and communication technology engineering field at the university level.

Kelly has held many extra-curricular leadership roles throughout her academic career and is well positioned to leverage her experience in promoting engineering as a field of study for young women.

Kelly explains: “Not all girls recognize that they can aspire to be anything that they want and that there are many exciting and rewarding career choices in engineering. Women bring a different perspective that can help solve many of society’s problems. My mother and sister work in the engineering field and I hope to make a difference just as they have.”

Since 1990, the Foundation has been promoting engineering as a career choice for young Canadian women through its extensive scholarship program, a website that attracts thousands of new visitors a month, social media programming, and scholarship winner presentations to high school students.

“On behalf of all Allstream employees, I want to congratulate Kelly on winning this year’s Information and Communication Technology Engineering Scholarship,” said Michael Strople, President, Allstream. “Encouraging young women to pursue careers in engineering benefits them, sets an example for others, and contributes to Canada’s technical leadership. That’s why Allstream is proud to participate in this way.”

Ms. Gribbons will receive her scholarship certificate at the CEMF Networking and Award Event held in conjunction with the Engineers Canada AGM in Calgary, Alberta in May.

“I have been a volunteer and a scholarship judge for the Foundation for almost 20 years and each time I review the applications I am truly amazed by the successes, accomplishments and potential of each applicant,” says Deborah Wolfe, P.Eng., CEMF President. “It is so important that we work to ensure that women engineers have every opportunity to contribute to the future of Canadian society and that more young women consider engineering as a career through interaction with exceptional engineering students like Kelly. We are all very proud that she is one of our 2015 ambassadors – congratulations Kelly.”

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