Biological Engineering

Biological Engineering

Biological Engineers combine their knowledge of life sciences with engineering principles to design and control biological processes and systems with the aim of enhancing human, animal and plant life.

Biological Engineers work with the most complex machines in the world - living organisms.  Guelph's cutting-edge Biological Engineering program focuses on fundamentals in bio-materials science, bio-systems analysis, bio-mechanics, instrumentation and digital control.  You can tailor your program to explore interests in the production of renewable fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel or sustainable bioplastics made from plant materials, the extraction and stabilization of nutraceuticals to provide health benefits or the manufacturing of safe food products.

The flexibility and breadth of the Biological Engineering curriculum allows students to explore the range of biological engineering applications, or to pursue an area of interest in:

  • Process engineering
  • Materials science 
  • Food safety
  • Food engineering
  • Renewable fuels and sustainble practices utilizing plant based materials 

Co-operative education is available for Biological Engineering