Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is the application of scientific theories and principles to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment.  

The Environmental Engineering program at Guelph was designed from the ground up as a complete, comprehensive environmental program.  It provides in-depth knowledge of relevant physical, chemical and biological systems with a strong emphasis on engineering design.  Our students experience the important role Environmental Engineering plays in serving the current and future needs of all humanity.

Environmental Engineers are educated to design and develop sustainable solutions to prevent environmental degradation and remediate existing environmental challenges around the world.  As a student in Environmental Engineering, you will cover topics like:

  • Air pollution control
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Pollution prevention
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Water reuse
  • Low impact development
  • Site remediation
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Sustainable energy solutions
  • Water distribution networks
  • Environmental law

 Co-op option available for Environmental Engineering