How Co-op Works

How Co-op WorksPhase 1 of your Co-op Journey

Once you've been accepted into Co-op, you must maintain a 70% cumulative average in first-year in order to continue in Co-op. You must also successfully complete COOP*1100 (Introduction to Co-operative Education). During COOP*1100 you will polish your resume and cover letter, and practice your interview skills.

Phase 2 of your Co-op Journey

You embark upon a job search with the support of your Co-op Co-ordinator in the semester after you complete COOP*1100 Introduction to Co-operative Education. Staff in Co-operative Education work hard to provide relevant job listings for Co-op students to which you may apply through Recruit Guelph. Students are encouraged to conduct a personal job search in addition to applying for the jobs on Recruit Guelph.

Phase 3 of your Co-op Journey

Your first work term gives you at least 4 months of experience in your field. In subsequent semesters you have the opportunity to apply for jobs which are progressively more challenging. During each work term you complete a work report to be graded by a member of the university faculty, and your performance is evaluated by your supervisor. These grades will go on your official transcript along with the name of your employer.

Phase 4 of your Co-op Journey

You return to the University for your academic semesters and start a new job search. You must take a full-course load (2.0 credits minimum) each academic semester to be eligible to continue in Co-op.

Phase 5 of your Co-op Journey

Bachelor of Engineering participants in the Co‐op program must complete a minimum of four work semesters (out of five available) alternated with eight academic semesters. Of the four required work semesters, one must be completed in the fall and one must be completed in the winter.

For more information, please visit Co-operative Education and Career Services.