Design Day Transcript

Design Day, brought together our second year design courses, our third year design courses and our capstone 4th year design course. This gives them an opportunity to be effective communicators and sell their product. Having sponsors here, having judges here, externally, really brings a lot of credibility to learn a lot of great feedback for the students. For me this is a day come back for every year. When we have designed through four years of the undergraduate program, most institutions only have a capstone design we're teaching our students right from the day one how to be that front room engineer the company so desperately want to have. I'm working with three great guys in interdisciplinary project myself and Biological Engineering partner and Biomedical and two partners in Engineering Systems and Computing. We designed a gesture recognition platform that we were able to interface with 3D printed prosthetic and we have itpresenting right now in the demos working. We've had extremely successful agents that companies like Linamar where they implemented some of the students designs in the factory. Half of my entire staff are Guelph graduates and I consistently hire coop students.  The changes that have happened the School of Engineering have been incredible. It's great to be able to be in this building and spend time with your friends but also have your professor so close by I feel that you really get to know them and they can provide a lot of support and advice. We have all new testing machines we have state-of-the-art equipment in each labs. Yet kind of best of both worlds with a small community within the building and the full university feel on campus. We have the highest female faculty ratio here in the SOE. I have never felt like I've been treated differently it's a very tight-knit community and anyone can be a part of it. Guelph Engineers continue to have that passion for people and for caring for people even as they move into the workforce and they're able to come back and pass that on to the students of the future. Coming from Biological Engineering work to be working the Biomedical field, it's pretty exciting and I think this undergrad is prepared me for that.