ASM Ontario talk on Impacts and Innovation in US Army Research Content

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 Dr. Shawn Walsh of the U.S. Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory
Speaker Biography – Dr. Shawn Walsh of the U.S. Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory


The U.S. Army makes investments in science and technology to ensure that its most important asset – the Soldier – is prepared to execute his or her mission decisively. The future battlefield will be characterized by even greater intersections of ground, maritime, air, space, and cyberspace domains. Unprecedented increases in speed, interoperability, and complexity within and across these domains will be required to ensure overmatch and battlefield dominance. While incremental improvements in technologies, systems, and capabilities will still be necessary, Army leadership is sending a clear signal that incremental increases in traditional capabilities will not be enough. Transformational approaches to technology development, systems integration, and the way the Army fights will be required to achieve overmatch. The Army has long relied on fundamental materials science to advance the performance of its familiar “materiel” – such as helmets, body and tank armor, and armaments. However, there are emerging opportunities to explore “collectives” of disparate but complementary technologies to deliver entirely new capabilities to the Soldier. An example of this collective approach to operationalizing science will be presented. Specifically, the discovery of a nanogalvanic aluminum alloy which can rapidly and inexpensively generate hydrogen in the presence of water has been integrated with robotics. This material discovery is inspiring a new concept to enable Soldiers and robotic assets to remain operational longer in logistically challenging mission environments.

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