Food Engineering Minor - Course Requirements

You must be registered in the B.Eng. program to add either of the Engineering Minors.  Declaration of these Minors must be done prior to entering Semester 6 [Regular] or Semester 7 [Co-op] because ENGG*3100 and your final design project (ENGG*41X) will require the application of both your Major and Minor programs.  In addition, you must notify the course instructor of ENGG*3100 and your final design (41X) advisor that you are enrolled in an Engineering Minor within the first week of classes. 

Courses that you take for the Minors will be counted towards the appropriate elective areas in your Major program.

You must select a food application project for your final design project in your major program.

2020/2021 Cohort    Course Calendar 

2019/2020 Cohort*    Course Calendar 

2018/2019 Cohort*    Course Calendar 

2017/2018 Cohort*    Course Calendar 

2016/2017 Cohort*    Course Calendar 

2015/2016 Cohort*    Course Calendar 

*NOTE - MICR*1020 is listed as a required course but is no longer offered.  The replacement course is MICR*2420 for each cohort.


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