Graduate Diploma

Engineering Design of Sustainable Water Resource Systems

The graduate diploma program consists of 2.0 credits acceptable at the graduate level. 

Mandatory Core Course

  • ENGG*6910 [0.50] Special Topics in Water Resources Engineering

For each of these an area of emphasis from one of the following three areas must be selected:  

  • Watershed Systems
  • Design Soil-Water Conservation Systems Design
  • Urban Water Systems Design

For this special topics in water resouces engineering course the project must focus on sustainability of water resources within the area of emphasis selected. If one of the undergraduate courses listed below is selected, the area of emphasis of this course must differ from the undergraduate course.


Other Core Courses

Two courses (1.0 credits) must be selected from the following courses:

  • ENGG*6140    [0.50]    Optimization Techniques for Engineering
  • ENGG*6610    [0.50]    Urban Stormwater Management
  • ENGG*6680    [0.50]    Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • ENGG*6840    [0.50]    Open Channel Hydraulics
  • ENGG*6860    [0.50]    Stream and Wetland Restoration Design
  • ENGG*4510    [0.50]    Risk Assessment and Management
  • ENVS*6280     [0.50]    Soil Physics
  • RPD*6310       [0.50]    Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ENGG*4250    [0.50]    Watershed Systems Design*
  • ENGG*4360    [0.50]    Soil-Water Conservation Systems Design*
  • ENGG*4370    [0.50]    Urban Water Systems Design*    
Note: * Only one of these courses may be selected.