Graduate Diploma

Modelling Applications in Water Resource Engineering

The graduate diploma program consists of 2.0 credits acceptable at the graduate level. 

Mandatory Core Courses

  • ENGG*6800 [0.50] Deterministic Hydrological Modelling 
  • ENGG*6910 [0.50] Special Topics in Water Resources Engineering

This special topics in water resources engineering course will focus on one of the following areas and include a project utilizing a GIS-based modeling approach:

  • Watershed Systems Design
  • Soil-Water Conservation Systems Design
  • Urban Water Systems Design


Other Core Courses

2 courses (1.0 credits) must be selected from the following courses: 

  • ENGG*6030    [0.50]    Finite Difference Methods
  • ENGG*6050    [0.50]    Finite Element Methods
  • ENGG*6060    [0.50]    Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation
  • ENGG*6740    [0.50]    Ground Water Modelling
  • ENGG*6840    [0.50]    Open Channel Hydraulics
  • ENGG*6880    [0.50]    Soil Erosion and Fluvial Sedimentation
  • ENGG*4510    [0.50]    Risk Assessment and Management