MEng Program

MEng in Water Resources Engineering

NOTE:  It is required that the student, in consultation with the Advisory Committee, complete and file a Graduate Degree Program Form in the department not later than the end of the student's second registered semester.  This signed form represents a contract between the student and the University program;  if changes are required to the original contract, a revised form should be filed.

A) Requirements

  1. 5.0 credits in total
  2. No more than 1.0 credits from senior undergraduate engineering courses
  3. No more than 1.5 credits from outside engineering
  4. A minimum of 3.5 credits from engineering, including ENGG*6900 Final Project in Water Resources Engineering (1.0 credits)

B) At least 2.5 credits from:

  1. ENGG*6010 Assessment of Engineering Risk
  2. ENGG*6090 Special Topics in Engineering (with advisor approval)
  3. ENGG*6140 Optimization Techniques
  4. ENGG*6610 Urban Stormwater Management
  5. ENGG*6740 Groundwater Modelling
  6. ENGG*6800 Deterministic Hydrological Modelling
  7. ENGG*6820 Measurement of Water Quantity and Quality
  8. ENGG*6840 Open Channel Hydraulics
  9. ENGG*6820 Measurement of Water Quantity and Quality
  10. ENGG*6860 Stream and Wetland Restoration Design
  11. ENGG*6880 Soil Erosion and Fluvial Sedimentation
  12. ENGG*6910 Special Topics in Water Resources Engineering
  13. ENVS*6280 Soil Physics 
  14. ENVS*6360 Soil and Water Chemistry
  15. RPD*6310 Environmental Impact Assessment
  16. RPD*6320 Water Resource Management
  17. Approved Senior Undergraduate Water Resources Engineering Courses