MA (Leadership)

mosaic of ma leadership students

Empower your own brand of leadership

Guelph’s MA Leadership program is a life and career changing experience that will enhance your leadership competencies, transforming you into the leader you want to be. Before you begin your transformative journey, you will examine your own leadership abilities and styles, enabling you to better identify strategies and concepts that work best for you and for your own brand of leadership. 

The majority of the program is offered online, allowing you to complete your course work around your busy schedule. This online learning is enhanced even further with brief and intensive on-campus residential weeks in Guelph, Ontario, allowing you to collaborate, interact and network with your peers and faculty. You will gain the knowledge and skills to be able to tackle leadership challenges facing your own organization.

The majority of your coursework will see you collaborating with peers from a diverse range of industries, such as:

  • Private/for-profit
  • Health care
  • Policing and military
  • Education
  • Not-for-profit
  • Government


You will learn alongside an incredibly diverse group of professionals, who have their own unique styles of leadership. Quite often, this collaborative approach to learning creates one of the most impactful learning opportunities for students.

As a participant in the MA Leadership program, you will:

  • Enhance your leadership skills and competencies by learning from organizational leaders and faculty who have developed game-changing research in their field
  • Gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses which will allow you to better understand your own leadership abilities
  • Enhance your understanding of the issues faced by a range of organizations and their leaders, enabling you to strategically confront and solve challenges

The best of both worlds

We know it is difficult to find time in your busy schedule to complete an on-site MBA. And strictly online MBA’s don’t allow you to fully immerse yourself in course content. That’s why we combine intensive on-site sessions with interactive, online learning. The Guelph MBA gives you the flexibility to complete the program on your own schedule as well as benefit from the face-to-face interactions with your fellow peers and faculty. 

Online learning

There are no online message boards or chat rooms you will be graded on, so you will not feel “chained to your computer”. Rather, we mail you your reading materials for you to delve into at your own pace. You can expect anywhere between 20-25 hours each week during the online portion of the course.

Onsite learning

Imagine a week-long networking opportunity that goes further than a simple business card exchange. The on-site residential weeks provide a career defining opportunity for you to learn from faculty who have significant industry experience and have developed industry-changing research. Just as important, you will tackle your coursework with your peers who are in diverse, yet complementary industries. This collaborative process is crucial to our learning approach. You will not only learn new strategies and skills relevant to your career, you will also make connections with your classmates and faculty that will last a lifetime. Watch video.


Program timeline

  • The program starts with an on-site residential week where you will start your coursework and connect with your fellow classmates.
  • After residential week, you will continue your coursework online.
  • After your second residential week, you will have the option of conducting a major research paper or completing an additional two courses to complete your degree.
  • The entire program typically takes 24 months to complete.