Guelph MBA

An MBA that fits you

The Guelph MBA is an online/on-site program designed for experienced business leaders who wish to catapult their careers. The program is designed to take your already extensive business knowledge and skills and enhance them even further. You will master key business functions including operations, communications, leadership and finance, helping you build a solid base of knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to enhance your leadership and management skills that you can use today and for the rest of your career. 

The program's three specializations which draw upon the University of Guelph’s strengths in food, agriculture, hospitality, tourism, and sustainable business. Our faculty have developed relevant research and possess significant industry experience that will have you delving deep into specialized, industry-specific topics taught by faculty who are experts in their fields. You can be sure that the concepts you learn in the Guelph MBA are important to your industry and will make you your organization’s next “rock star!"

Students choose one of the following specializations:


The best of both worlds

We know it is difficult to find time in your busy schedule to complete an on-site MBA. And strictly online MBA’s don’t allow you to fully immerse yourself in course content. That’s why we combine intensive on-site sessions with interactive, online learning. The Guelph MBA gives you the flexibility to complete the program on your own schedule as well as benefit from the face-to-face interactions with your fellow peers and faculty. 

Online learning

There are no online message boards or chat rooms you will be graded on, so you will not feel “chained to your computer”. Rather, we mail you your reading materials for you to delve into at your own pace. You can expect anywhere between 20-25 hours each week during the online portion of the course.

Onsite learning

Imagine a week-long networking opportunity that goes further than a simple business card exchange. The on-site residential weeks provide a career defining opportunity for you to learn from faculty who have significant industry experience and have developed industry-changing research. Just as important, you will tackle your coursework with your peers who are in diverse, yet complementary industries. This collaborative process is crucial to our learning approach. You will not only learn new strategies and skills relevant to your career, you will also make connections with your classmates and faculty that will last a lifetime. Watch our video on cohort community and experience.

Flexible options

Link to YouTube video on program flexibility

We believe education shouldn’t be offered in one-dimensional settings. The Guelph MBA combines online learning with brief, intensive, and interactive on-site sessions in Guelph, Ontario, allowing you to learn and complete course content around your busy life. We also provide two unique ways of completing your MBA degree, either through a major research project OR by taking two additional courses. This allows you to tailor your program to meet your needs. Watch our video to learn more about the flexibility of our MBA program.