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Information for First-Year B.Comm Students

Welcome to the B.Comm Program at the University of Guelph's Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics!

Through the links and information on this page, we hope to answer most of the frequently asked questions we receive from 1st year students. For details on the course selection process and the courses required for your major, please refer to the Registration Handbook for New Students.

Important information about Fall 2021 course offerings

For the Fall 2021 semester, Business courses are being offered either in person or online. You can determine the course format by viewing the F21 course offerings in WebAdvisor.  Note that course offerings may vary within Departments and majors. For details on these formats please visit, Fall 2021 Course Delivery

Reminder: Course selection for new students begins at 8 a.m. on Thursday, July 15. We strongly recommend that you select your courses as soon as this enrollment window opens as popular course sections fill up quickly! Note: most 1000-level courses will be initially reserved for new, first-year students until August 2.  After this date, these courses will be opened to all upper-year Guelph students so if you have not completed your course selection by then, you may find that many courses are no longer available (closed/full).

Electives--which one do I choose? Where do I find them?

Starting in Undeclared?

Thinking of adding a minor?

Thinking of changing your major?

Transfer student from university or college?


  • Admitted to Co-op for this fall? Your Co-op Experience  is a good place to start.
  • Didn’t get an offer to Co-op but would like to apply in your first year? All B.Comm students will be sent an email this fall with details on how to apply to Co-op as an in-course student.
  • Starting in Undeclared and interested in applying to co-op? Visit the Undeclared 1st Year page for details

MATH*1030 or MATH*1200 – Which one do I take?

If you are in the Management Economics and Finance (MEF) major, you have to choose one of these two math courses:

MATH*1030 is the standard math course taken by all business students who have completed Advanced Functions and Data Management in high school. For most students in MEF, this is the recommended math course.

MATH*1200 is for students who are looking for a more challenging math course. It is a primarily theoretical calculus course intended for students who have completed Advanced Functions and Calculus & Vectors in high school. If you like calculus and you are good at it, then this course may be a good choice.

If you are thinking of pursuing a graduate (Masters) degree in economics or finance, MATH*1200 is worth considering as these programs often require a background in calculus.

If you are still unsure, you do have the option to take MATH*1030 this fall and then take MATH 1200 next fall (Math 1200 is only offered in the Fall). If you complete both MATH*1030 and MATH*1200, then MATH*1200 could be used as an elective towards your program.

Note: If you choose to take MATH*1200, you do not also need to complete MATH*1030.

What are First Year Seminars (FYS)?

First Year Seminars are interdisciplinary courses designed especially for first year students. They are offered in both the fall and winter semesters. The goal of the First Year Seminar course is to provide opportunities for students to participate in a small class (maximum 18 students), discussion-oriented course in their first year. These courses can count towards your Free or Liberal education Electives. Please visit First Year Seminars for a listing of this year’s offerings.