Changing Majors (within BComm) | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Changing Majors (within BComm)

As a B.Comm student, you have the option to change your major. The requirements and exceptions are listed below:
1) You must be currently enrolled in the B.Comm Program
2) You must have the appropriate math prerequisites: Accounting, Food and Agricultural Business, Management, Management Economics and Finance, Marketing Management, Real Estate and Housing and *Sport and Event Management require Advanced Functions (MHF4U) plus a second 4U mathematics or MATH*1030.


*Sport and Event Management: this is a Limited Enrollment Major. You must apply directly to the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management by the last day of classes in the winter semester. In order to be eligible, you must have a cumulative average of 70% or better in the previous two semesters. You must also have completed at least 4.00 credits from which 3.00 credits must be from the following prefixes – ACCT, BUS, ECON, FARE, FIN, HROB, HTM, MGMT, MCS, REAL. Acceptance will be competitive based on available spaces. If your cumulative average is below 70% will not be considered. All decisions will be made by the end of June. Contact Alison Crerar, for details.
Co-op: if you are currently enrolled in Co-op, changing your Co-op major is dependant on space availability, determined by Co-operative Education & Career Services. Contact our office for details on criteria and timing.
Leadership and Organizational Management (LOM): beginning Spring 2019, the Management major has replaced this major. All students who were admitted to LOM for Fall 2018 and earlier will be able to complete their major. Students admitted to the B.Comm program for Fall 2018 and earlier have the option to switch to the LOM major. All required courses for the LOM major must be completed by Winter 2022.
If you are in the B.Comm Undeclared First Year, please visit the Undeclared Information page.


Procedure for changing majors:

1) Meet with a Program Counsellor to review your request and complete the necessary forms. For *Sport and Event Management, contact Alison Crerar, for details on admission criteria and timing.

2) Submit the completed forms to Enrollment Services, Level 3, University Centre.

We recommend that you meet with the Faculty Advisor for your new major to discuss the sequence of future courses as well as how previous courses will fit into your major.