Admission Requirements for Internal Transfer Students | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Admission Requirements for Internal Transfer Students

This information is for current University of Guelph students interested in transferring into the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Admission requirements

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy both the minimum grade requirement and mathematics requirement.

Minimum Grade requirement

  • Achieve a minimum University of Guelph cumulative average of 70%.
  • If you do not have a cumulative university average of 70%, it is still possible to be considered. You will need to complete two consecutive full-time semesters (2.0 credits minimum) with an average of 70% in each semester immediately prior to the semester you are applying for.

*Note, if you are in your first semester at Guelph and are part-time (taking less than 2.0 credits), or you transferred into Guelph from another college or university, contact our office or Admission Services for additional details.

The averages listed above are minimums and do not necessarily guarantee admission into a B.Comm major.

Math requirement

Major Requirement
  • Accounting
  • Food and Agricultural Business 
  • Management
  • Management Economics and Finance 
  • Marketing Management
  • Real Estate
  • Sport and Event Management*
Advanced Functions (MHF4U) plus one additional 4U math course.
If you do not have a second 4U math course, taking MATH*1030 will satisfy this requirement. Note: the prerequisite for MATH*1030 is Advanced Functions (MHF4U).
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Government, Economics and Management (formerly Public Management)
Advanced Functions (MHF4U)

*Sport and Event Management: is a Limited Enrollment major. Admission is for Fall only. You must have completed at least 4.00 credits of which 3.00 credits must be from the following prefixes – ACCT, BUS, ECON, FARE, FIN, HROB, HTM, MGMT, MCS and REAL. The required admission average will be greater than 70% as acceptance is competitive based on available space.

Frequently asked questions

Can I count the courses I have already taken towards a BComm degree?

Core BComm courses such as ECON*1050-- Introductory Microeconomics, will automatically count towards your BComm degree.  Most non-business courses can be counted as Liberal, or Free electives, and possibly Restricted Electives. If you have completed more electives than your BComm major requires, you will need to complete more than 20.00 credits to graduate. A BComm Program Counsellor can help determine how many of your credits will count towards your degree should you be admitted.

How do I apply?

Applications to switch programs are processed through Admission Services (Level 3, UC).  To access the online application as well as information on admission requirements and fees please visit the U of G Internal Transfer website. Your application must be submitted by the applicable deadline;

  • Winter Semester Entry -- November 1
  • Summer Semester Entry -- March 1
  • Fall semester Entry -- May 1 **

** Applying for Fall entry and taking summer courses? Summer grades are factored into your admission average so Admission Services will wait for these results before making a decision.

**Admission to Sport and Event Management is for Fall entry only. 

I am interested in the Co-op option

All BComm majors offer the Co-op option. To be considered for Co-op you must submit a separate application to Co-op and Career Services by the appropriate deadline. For details on the application process please visit their In-course Admission website. Only those students currently enrolled in their first year may apply for co-op. *If you are a current Co-op student, contact Co-op and Career Services directly for the appropriate forms.

Can I take courses in the major before I transfer?

Known as ‘shadowing’, this can be problematic as many B.Comm courses (e.g., ACCT, HROB, HTM, MCS, MGMT) are restricted to B.Comm students. While you can ask the department offering the course to waive the restriction, they are under no obligation to allow non-B.Comm students into their courses. For a list of departmental contacts please visit our Academic Advising site and click on ‘Course Selection’ under ‘Current Students’. 

One course that is available to non-B.Comm students is MGMT*2150 – Introduction to Canadian Business Management. All B.Comm students must complete an introduction to business course and MGMT*2150 contributes to that requirement. 

Shadow at your own risk!

While shadowing a major can be a time saver for students who are admitted quickly, it can be quite risky for those who will need two, three or more semesters of study before they will meet the admission requirements of the BComm Program.  

What are the risks?

  • Many courses are restricted. If you cannot get into those restricted courses your course options will be limited. Just because you choose to shadow does not mean that the department will waive restrictions for you.
  • You are taking courses outside of your current degree program. If you do not get admitted to BComm you may end up with credits for courses that cannot be used to fulfill the graduation requirements of your current degree program.

What should I do?

  • Set realistic goals. Decide how many semesters you are willing to take the risk of shadowing. If you don’t have the grades you need after two semesters, you may want to reconsider.
  • Have a back-up plan. Know what you will do if you don’t meet the admission requirements in the time that you have allowed.

If you are admitted to the BComm program, please note the following:

  • You must follow the academic calendar year that you have been admitted to. Example; you started your studies in the BA program under the 20/21 calendar and have now been admitted to Marketing for Fall 2021. You therefore must now follow the 21/22 BComm academic calendar. This also applies to the fees that you pay, i.e. your fee Cohort Year.
  • All B.Comm students must complete either MGMT*1000 (1.0 credit) or MGMT*2150 (0.5 credit) plus an additional free elective (0.5 credit) in order to graduate. Check with a Program Counsellor for details.
  • The GPA you earned in your previous Guelph degree carries forward into your BComm program. You do not start with a new GPA.