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General Information & FAQ

Adding courses

In-course students register for Summer courses in March, Fall courses in June and Winter courses in November, according to the course selection windows posted by Enrolment Services. Once a window is open, you may add courses up to the last day of the Add Period (which is usually the Friday of the first full week of classes). Newly admitted students (from high school) will register for their Fall semester courses in late June. See the Schedule of Dates for specific information.

For further information on how and when to register please visit the Course Selection FAQ.

Dropping courses

The last day to drop classes is the Last Class Day of the semester. Use the Schedule of Dates for the current semester to confirm the date.  If you decide to drop a course, use the Register and Drop Sections option in WebAdvisor. Always confirm that you have successfully dropped your course by checking your Class Schedule for the current semester.

If you are unsure whether you should drop a course, please come and speak with a B.Comm Program Counsellor. While we cannot make the decision for you, we can provide you with an assessment of your situation and outline the implications. 

For courses not dropped by the Last Class Day, final marks will be recorded for each course, whether course work is completed or not (a zero is assigned for missed tests/assignments/exams). This mark will show on your transcript and will be calculated into your average.

Important: As this deadline gives you the entire semester to evaluate your academic performance, you will not be able to drop courses after this date. Should you encounter exceptionally severe and unanticipated circumstances after this date, you must contact our office as soon as possible.

Course changes

Departments sometimes change the name, course number or semester offering of a course. For an up-to-date list of all changes, visit Course Changes. Please note that some changes will not show up in your Academic Evaluation. Provided you complete the equivalent/replacement course found at Course Changes, it will be used to fulfill your degree requirements.

Reminder: always use the Course Descriptions section of the current Undergraduate Calendar for the most up-to-date information.

If you encounter a required course that is not listed in WebAdvisor or the Undergraduate Calendar, please contact either your Faculty Advisor or the B.Comm Program Counselling Office as soon as possible.

Can I choose more or fewer than 5 courses?

The normal full-time course load is 2.5 credits per semester (usually 5 courses). You can choose fewer than 5 courses (4 courses is still considered full-time). You should consult with a Program Counsellor to decide if this is an appropriate option for you.

Exam conflicts

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have a conflict-free final exam schedule. The exam schedule is posted one month before classes begin, e.g. the December exam schedule is posted in August. If you make changes to your class schedule just prior to the beginning of the semester it is your responsibility to check the exam schedule to make sure that you have not created an exam conflict by scheduling two exams in the same time slot. If your final exam schedule conflicts with personal plans it is your responsibility to make changes to either your courses or your plans. Examinations scheduled close together (e.g. 3 or more exams in a 24 hour period) do not constitute an examination conflict.  As students may not remain registered in courses with conflicting final examinations it is your responsibility to adjust your class schedule and eliminate the conflict before the end of the Course Add period.

Probation and Required to Withdraw

Are you concerned about your overall average? Have you been Required to Withdraw? Please visit the Academic Status web page.


Students wishing to graduate need to submit an application by the required deadline (see Schedule of Dates for this deadline). You should apply for graduation during the last semester in which you are taking courses towards your degree. The application to graduate can be found on WebAdvisor.

All B.Comm students must have a minimum 60% cumulative average in order to qualify for graduation.

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