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Hospitality and Tourism Management (BComm program)

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Get ready for a global career with truly limitless opportunities.

Students in Lang's Hospitality and Tourism Management major choose one area of emphasis to study: Hotel and Lodging; Restaurant and Foodservice; or Tourism Management. Your choice prepares you to assume a leadership role in an industry with a current shortage of professionals. You will be exposed to the latest principles and practices of hotel operations; foodservices; and tourism policy, planning and development. You will graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, expanding your career possibilities even further by giving you a foundation of transferable business skills in human resources, marketing, accounting and finance. 

This major focuses on experiential learning, where theory is applied to real-world situations. You can create your own independent study course, study in another country while on a semester exchange, and attend numerous networking events with industry leaders. Students in the co-op option will participate in a paid one-year work term, in Canada or abroad.


Program Facts

  • 4-year program (5 years with co-op option)
  • 3 co-op terms (12 months total)
  • 20% of current students participate in international exchanges
  • 1,200 hours of relevant industry work experience required to graduate
  • Lang's School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2019


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Graduates of the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management are employed by some of the most recognizable brands and companies in the world.

  • Marriott Hotels
  • Earls Restaurants
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Blue Mountain Resorts
  • CBRE Hotels
  • Four Seasons Hotels
  • Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants
  • Royal Caribbean International


Job titles of recent hospitality and tourism management graduates:

  • Hotel/restaurant manager
  • Event planner
  • Destination tourism planner
  • Resort recreation director
  • Conference manager
  • Hotel investment analyst



Degree requirements (20.00 Total Credits) consisting of:

  • 13.50 - Required Core Courses
  • 3.50 - Area of Emphasis (Restricted Electives)
  • 0.00 – MGMT*1100 (Business Career Preparation)
  • 1.50 - Liberal Education Electives
  • 1.50 - Free Electives


Semester 1 - Fall

  • ECON*1050 [0.50] Introductory Microeconomics
  • HTM*1700 [0.50] Foodservice Management
  • MCS*1000 [0.50] Introductory Marketing
  • MGMT*1000 [1.00] Introduction to Business


Semester 2 - Winter

  • ACCT*1220 [0.50] Introductory Financial Accounting
  • ECON*1100 [0.50] Introductory Macroeconomics
  • HTM*1160 [0.50] Lodging Operations
  • MATH*1030 [0.50] Business Mathematics
  • 0.50 electives or areas of emphasis


Semester 3 - Fall

  • HTM*1070 [0.50] Responsible Tourism Policy and Planning
  • MCS*3040 [0.50] Business and Consumer Law

One of:

  • ECON*2740 [0.50] Economic Statistics
  • STAT*2060 [0.50] Statistics for Business Decisions

Semester 4 - Winter

  • MCS*2020 [0.50] Information Management
  • MGMT*1100 [0.00] Business Career Preparation

Semester 3 OR 4

  • ACCT*2230 [0.50] Management Accounting
  • HROB*2090 [0.50] Individuals and Groups in Organizations
  • HTM*2010 [0.50] Hospitality and Tourism Business Communications
  • HTM*2030 [0.50] Control Systems in the Hospitality Industry
  • 1.00 electives or areas of emphasis

Semester 5 OR 6

  • ECON*2560 [0.50] Introduction to Finance
  • HROB*2290 [0.50] Human Resources Management
  • HTM*3080 [0.50] Marketing Strategy for Hospitality Managers
  • HTM*3120 [0.50] Service Operations Analysis
  • MGMT*3020 [0.50] Corporate Social Responsibility
  • MGMT*3320 [0.50] Financial Management
  • 2.00 electives or areas of emphasis

Semester 7 OR 8

  • HTM*4080 [0.50] Experiential Learning and Leadership in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • HTM*4190 [0.50] Hospitality and Tourism Industry Consultation
  • HTM*4250 [0.50] Hospitality Revenue Management
  • MGMT*4000 [0.50] Strategic Management
  • 3.00 electives or areas of emphasis


Areas of Emphasis

Students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) major choose one of the three areas of emphasis: Hotel and Lodging; Restaurant and Foodservice; or Tourism. Students should declare an area of emphasis by semester 4 in order to facilitate course selection for their chosen area. 

Hotel and Lodging

  • Semester 4, 6 or 8: HTM*2070 [0.50] Event Management
  • Semester 5 OR 7: HTM*3060 [0.50] Lodging Management
  • Semester 7: HTM*4090 [0.50] Hospitality Development, Design and Sustainability
  • Semester 8: HTM*4060 [0.50] Advanced Lodging Management

1.50 credits of:

  • EDRD*3160 [0.50] International Communication
  • FARE*4360 [0.50] Marketing Research
  • HROB*2200 [0.50] Labour Relations
  • HTM*3160 [0.50] Destination Management and Marketing
  • HTM*3180 [0.50] Casino Operations Management
  • MGMT*4260 [0.50] International Business
  • REAL*1820 [0.50] Real Estate and Housing
  • REAL*2820 [0.50] Real Estate Finance
  • REAL*3810 [0.50] Real Estate Market Analysis
  • REAL*3890 [0.50] Property Management
  • REAL*4820 [0.50] Real Estate Appraisal
  • REAL*4840 [0.50] Housing and Real Estate Law

Restaurant and Foodservice

  • Semester 4, 5 OR 6: HTM*2700 [0.50] Understanding Foods
  • Semester 5 OR 6: HTM*3090 [1.00] Restaurant Operations Management
  • Semester 8: HTM*4110 [0.50] Advanced Food Service Operations

1.50 credits of:

  • FOOD*3700 [0.50] Sensory Evaluation of Foods
  • HROB*3010 [0.50] Compensation Systems
  • HROB*3070 [0.50] Recruitment and Selection
  • HROB*3090 [0.50] Training and Development
  • HROB*4060 [0.50] Human Resource Planning
  • HTM*2070 [0.50] Event Management
  • HTM*2740 [0.50] Cultural Aspects of Food
  • HTM*3030 [0.50] Beverage Management
  • HTM*3780 [0.50] Managing Food in Canada
  • HTM*4050 [0.50] Wine and Oenology
  • MCS*3010 [0.50] Quality Management
  • NUTR*1010 [0.50] Introduction to Nutrition


  • Semester 6: GEOG*3490 [0.50] Tourism and Environment, HTM*3160 [0.50] Destination Management and Marketing
  • Semester 8: FARE*4360 [0.50] Marketing Research,  HTM*4170 [0.50] International Tourism

1.50 credits of:

  • ECON*2100 [0.50] Economic Growth and Environmental Quality
  • ECON*2650 [0.50] Introductory Development Economics
  • ECON*4830 [0.50] Economic Development
  • EDRD*3400 [0.50] Sustainable Communities
  • EDRD*3500 [0.50] Recreation and Tourism Planning
  • EDRD*4010 [0.50] Tourism Planning in the Less Developed World
  • GEOG*1220 [0.50] Human Impact on the Environment
  • GEOG*2210 [0.50] Environment and Resources
  • HTM*2070 [0.50] Event Management
  • HTM*3180 [0.50] Casino Operations Management
  • LARC*2820 [0.50] Urban and Regional Planning
  • MCS*3030 [0.50] Research Methods



Estimated Cutoff Ranges: 78-82% for all majors.

Note: Estimated cutoff ranges are based on the admission averages from previous years and are provided solely as a point of reference. Exact cutoffs for the current cycle will be determined by the quantity and quality of applications received and the number of spaces available in the program. Co-op averages will often exceed the estimated cutoff ranges.

Ontario high school requirements:

  • English
  • Advanced Functions
  • 4 additional 4U or 4M courses


For more information, visit the Admissions website.

Our alumni span the global hospitality and tourism industry


Wil Leung, BComm '00
Director of Culinary Operations
Cactus Club

Sophia Darling, BComm '17
Executive Meeting Manager
Fairmont Royal York


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