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Meet the students who chose Lang's MSc in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Posted on Monday, March 15th, 2021


Lang's MSc in Tourism and Hospitality program attracts a wide range of students from both Canada and abroad.

For these students, the two-year, flexible program is allowing them to gain meaningful insights into the global industry alongside Lang's leading faculty from the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management.

Shiyi Chen

After working in the tourism industry in China, Chen began noticing ongoing ethical problems within the industry. This is what drove Chen to come to Lang and the University of Guelph for her MSc in Tourism and Hospitality. She had hoped to gain knowledge and expertise in problem-solving strategies, specifically within the hospitality and tourism sector. Her research seeks to better explain the application of responsible tourism and, its ability to encourage responsible behaviour among travellers. Although living in a new country can be daunting, Chen had the help of her peers, faculty and staff, which helped make a smooth transition. Chen now works part-time as an International Recruitment and Admissions Assistant at the University of Guelph.

"All the faculty members at Lang and the University of Guelph are very supportive and take the time to listen and support me when I need help. They've also helped me build my skills in writing and understanding academic papers."

Lin Li

Lin Li was new to Canada when she started the MSc program and was excited about her transition to life in a new country. The programs engaging faculty and welcoming student community helped Li overcome her initial apprehension of moving to Canada and found the program helped build her confidence. Li is now confidence in leading class discussions and has developed strong research and presentation skills. Before coming to UofG and Lang, Li was a Summer Intern & Essilor and we are eager to see what she will achieve upon graduation.

"Lang's MSc in Tourism and Hospitality is a quality program. My faculty advisors encouraged us to attend a graduate student research conference. This opportunity help us develop our presentation and communication skills and learn from other students’ research.”

Michael Yu

Michael Yu grew up in a small town where he worked at his family-owned restaurant that attracted many tourists. This is what intrigued Yu to pursue his MSc in hospitality and tourism. Yu’s research focuses on B2B relationships in local supply chains of Ontario soybeans and recreational cannabis. He aims to help guide practitioners and organizations about business and relationship management strategy.

"My courses are challenging but interesting and my professors are all very friendly and knowledgeable. The faculty were crucial in helping me prepare for my research thesis. Also, the campus is beautiful!”

Ying Zhou

Ying Zhou’s background is in technology and e-commerce. Through her coursework and research and Lang, Zhou has learned a lot about the hospitality and tourism industry. She is currently conducting research about the effectiveness of travel vlogs in destination marketing. She further her experience at Lang and was hired as a graduate teaching and research assistant for Dr. WooMi Jo and Dr. Mark Holmes, faculty within the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management.

"Reading plenty of literature is necessary to find a meaningful research topic that contributes to both academia and the industry. The experience of being a graduate teaching assistant not only improved my skills in grading assignments, communicating with students and supervisors, but also enabled me to obtain my Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA) by attending Dr. WooMi Jo’s training courses.”

Xiaochen Pan

Xiaochen Pan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Culinary and Nutrition Education from the University of Yangzhou in China in 2015 and continued his studies in the Culinary Management program at Algonquin College. After several years of work experience in the hospitality industry as a line cook and sous chef, Pan wanted to further his career options. Pan’s long-term goal is to become a corporate consultant for the hospitality industry. Pan’s research is about solo lifestyle trends, specifically solo dining.

"The high percentage of one-person households, combined with a higher workload and more outdoor time has contributed to a new trend of ‘solo’ consumptive behavior, including solo diners. Solo dining has become socially acceptable in many cultures, which could contribute to an emerging restaurant industry trend. I am interested in how the hospitality industry can better cater to these solo diners. ”

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