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Photo of Lucy-Mae Sichartshofen Schenk

Lucy-Mae Von Sichartshofen Schenk - Published Author and Hotel and Food Administration Student

Every year The College of Management and Economics proudly welcomes first year students and endeavours to help them become life-long learners through applied learning opportunities.  Many students embrace the challenges set by CME and prove themselves both academically and professionally.  As a first year Hotel and Food Administration co-op student, Lucy-Mae Von Sichartshofen Schenk personifies CME’s values and brings a lot to the table considering she published her first novel at the age of fourteen. 

Evie Adomait's picture

Evie Adomait Awarded with Distinguished Professorial Teaching Award

Evie Adomait, Assistant Professor and Faculty Advisor for the Department of Economics and Finance, has devoted her career to making Economics manageable and entertaining for students.  After being a member of the University for nearly 30 years, Evie has established herself personally and professionally and will be awarded for her accomplishments with the University of Guelph Faculty Association (UGFA) Distinguished Professorial Teaching Award for CME in October. 

Bruce McAdams' photo

Wine Course Offers Bouquet of Knowledge

Wine, says hospitality and tourism management professor Bruce McAdams, is incredibly complex. “There are so many types and styles. It can be very confusing.” But there is a method to sort out the madness of wine, and it will soon be available at U of G.

Photo of Petra Kassun-Mutch

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Shares Business Sense

Petra Kassün-Mutch left the glamorous world of publishing to start a successful cheese making company. Now she’s helping U of G students become their own “big cheese” as the new entrepreneur-in-residence at the College of Management and Economics.

“You can harness the power of business to do good,” says Kassün-Mutch, adding that she will not only advise students on how to start their own business, but how to build enterprises that help address social and environmental problems.

Photo of Lianne Foti

Lianne Foti Teaches Sustainability through 'my world, my choice'

The well-being of the environment, society and business are core focal points for Lianne Foti when communicating the mission of ‘my world, my choice!’. Lianne Foti is an Assistant Professor and Faculty Advisor for Marketing and Consumer Studies who shares CME’s value of sustainability through her role as co-founder and executive director of ‘my world, my choice!’, an educational program that teaches students about sustainability and challenges them to grow as leaders in their schools and communities.  

Photo of Adam Machan

Lack Work Experience? Give Yourself a Job - Adam Machan

Adam Machan is the poster child for posters. Chances are you’ve seen his work on bulletin boards around campus. As the founder of Adhelp, a U of G organization that offers free graphic design services, he has designed posters and logos for various student groups.

Rob Henderson's photo

For Mature Student, Rob Henderson, Age is Just a Number

When Rob Henderson decided to go back to school at the age of 35, he knew he was going to be one of the oldest students in his class, but that didn’t stop him from enrolling as a mature student at the University of Guelph. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” says Henderson, who received his B.Comm. at winter convocation 2012. “Growing up, I had to leave school early and go to work, so I’ve always tried to upgrade.”

Photo of Ross McKitrick

Ross McKitrick, Expert in Environmental Policy, Awarded CIGI-INET Grant

The Governing Board of the Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET) together with the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) have jointly awarded Department of Economics Prof. Ross McKitrick a $107,250 grant for his 3-year project “State-Contingent Environmental Policy”.

The CIGI-INET Program on New Economic Theory, Practice and Governance serves to advance research on issues of critical importance to economics and international governance.

Photo of Trevor and Chris Williams

Bottling Up Success - Trevor and Chris Williams

At first glance, the Bottle Bin looks like any other recycling bin, but it’s not a blue box; it’s a black box designed for collecting empty beer, wine and liquor bottles. Fill it with ice, and it also doubles as a cooler. If you’ve ever struggled with carrying a cardboard box full of empties to the liquor store, only to have the box fall apart in the parking lot, you’re not alone. Trevor Williams, B.Comm. ’09, and his brother, Chris, conducted their “market research” for the Bottle Bin in Beer Store parking lots.

Baby photo by Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel - Taking Baby Steps

When Kristin Hohenadel takes photos of newborn babies, she doesn’t dress them up in costumes or put them in flowerpots, like some photographers do. “I try to dial down the cheesy factor and put a more modern spin on it,” says Hohenadel, a fourth-year psychology student.

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