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February 25: New Prof Says Guelph Is ‘Major League’ of Agricultural Research

The last thing Prof. Sylvain Charlebois wants to do is keep his research a secret. “As a researcher, I feel it is part of my duty to convey some of the knowledge we create to the wider public. We are part of a publicly-funded institution, so we have a responsibility to the public. Yes, it is challenging for any academic to translate for this audience, but it is also exciting.”

February 24: Congratulations to CME Graduates

Congratulations to our newest CME grads who received their degrees at convocation yesterday. It was a wonderful turnout with presentations from President Alastair J. S. Summerlee, Chancellor Pamela Wallin and a special introduction by marketing management student Gavin Armstrong.

Degrees were awarded in the following categories: bachelor of arts, bachelor of commerce, master of arts, master of arts (leadership), master of business administration, master of science and doctor of philosophy.

February 10: HTM Prof Aims to Make Writing Easier, More Enjoyable

If you didn't enjoy doing something, felt apprehensive about even getting started and produced mediocre results, wouldn't you think it might be time to try a different approach? Professor Joan Flaherty, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, says most people find writing intimidating and less-than-enjoyable. That’s why she thinks it’s time for something new: a counter-intuitive approach that turns what you’ve been taught about writing upside down.

February 9: HRMSA Polar Bear Dip Fundraiser

The Human Resource Management Student Association (HRMSA) will be holding its Polar Bear Dip Fundraiser in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation on February 12 at 1:00pm at the Guelph Corrections Facility. Those HRMSA students braving the cold include: Cristina Ricciardi- HR ambassador, Conner Macleod- Executive of Public Relations, and Stephanie Moscuzza - President. Members of the D.U.

February 8: Local Food is in the Eye of the Beholder

Professor Iain Murray, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, commented that “local” is more often a marketing term than a geographic description in a recent profile. “If you live in a northern climate, the 100-mile diet isn’t for you,” says Professor Murray.  Foods like chocolate, coffee and fresh produce are off-limits to those who want to “eat local,” especially during the winter. But what exactly does “local” mean?

February 7: Industrial Brands at Work and Play in Super Bowl

Associate professor, Timothy Dewhirst, in the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, got into the football spirit as he explored the importance of team brands in the Super Bowl.  The 2011 Super Bowl is a classic “battle of the brands,” a matchup between meat packers and steel workers, between storied franchises with deep roots and legacies. Read full Toronto Star article.


February 7: HTM Student Wins Gold at World University Games

Congratulations to Jesica Zerafa, B.Comm Tourism Management, and fellow Guelph student Jackie Sollis, for winning the gold medal in Canadian Woman's Ice Hockey at the World University Games in Erzurum, Turkey.  The Canadian team secured the gold medal by defeating Finland by 4-1. Jessica scored one of team’s winning goals in the second period.

Congratulations to Jesica and to the entire Canadian team!

February 4: CME Celebrates Learning and Teaching

Congratulations to the winners announced at the 2nd Annual CME Learning and Teaching Awards held on February 3rd.  CME is fortunate to recognize the significant academic achievements of our students. We are also fortunate to honour our distinguished faculty members for their contributions to teaching and learning. 

The award winning students include: 

Cambrian Chemicals Inc. Scholarship - Vanessa Langshaw

Guelph & District Human Resource Professionals Association Scholarship - Alexandra Jamieson

February 4: Program Offers Budding Entrepreneurs a Boost

Rachel Vriezen, a second-year student majoring in international development and economics and Gracen Johnson, a fourth-year international development student, were each awarded a $25,000 scholarship to participate in The Next 36.

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