How can I have my marks from a specific semester reassessed?

Section VIII of the current Undergraduate Calendar provides information about grades. Procedures for reassessment and grade appeals are found in this under the headings Academic Consideration, Appeals and Petitions as well as Grade Reassessment.

How do I calculate a GPA using my Guelph grades?

To calculate using percentage grades that you achieved and credit weight of each course you can use this calculator/link:
Step One: in 1. Select your university or college select "University of Guelph"
Step Two: in 2. What type of grades are you inputting? select "Percentage (eg. 75%, 67%)"
Step Three: in 3. Enter your grades and their credit weight enter your grades and their associated credit weight (i.e. 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 from the transcript)
Step Four: select "Calculate"

Updated 17 April 2018.

If I re-take a course that I failed and obtain a better grade which grade will appear on my official transcript and which grade will be used to calculate averages?

Grades for both course attempts appear on your official academic record and both will be used to calculate all averages.

If my final grade on WebAdvisor is much lower than I expected can I find out how I did on my final examination?

The Policy on Student Access to Final Examination Materials is part of the Examinations sub-section in Section VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures of the current Undergraduate Calendar. It explains that final examination papers and final assignments must be retained by faculty members for a period of one semester. It also explains that students may request access to these within a specific number of days of the start of the next semester by submitting a written request to the department chair.

What does a final grade of DEF mean?

A final grade of DEF means that a deferred assessment has been granted. A deferred assessment is a temporary extension of time granted for completion of the requirements of a course, normally for medical, psychological, or compassionate reasons. Deferred assessments are completed during the Deferred Period held during the semester which immediately follows, the dates of which are included in Section III--Schedule of Dates of the current Undergraduate Calendar. When available, the Exam Schedule for final and deferred exams for each specific semester is posted on-line. The listing is by course code and provides the date, time and location of the examination.

What does a final grade of INC mean?

A final grade of INC means incomplete and is submitted when a student does not complete all course requirements and/or write a final examination. If you have a grade of INC and you completed all course requirements you should contact your instructor to verify all submissions were received and identified as belonging to you.

What does a final grade of MNR mean?

A final grade of MNR means means mark not received and is assigned when a no grade is submitted to the Office of Registrarial Services for a student. If you have a grade of MNR you may contact the instructor to inquire why a grade was not submitted for you.

When and how do I obtain my final grades for completed courses?

Final grades are official on the day that they are released by the Office of Registrarial Services. All final grades are available to students through WebAdvisor. Final grades are posted on WebAdvisor for student viewing beginning the day after the last final examination day.

Where can I see what my grades in percentages are in terms of letter grades?

An explanation of numerical grades and their corresponding letter grades is available in the Grades sub-section of Section VIII of the current Undergraduate Calendar.