How do I apply to the University ?

Students wishing to apply to the University of Guelph should review the Prospective Students webpage. They should also visit the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) website at

How do I find out what the average cut-off is for a specific degree program?

You may wish to visit the Admission Services website and review the Admission Plan. This section will provide you with Estimated Cut-off Ranges as well as other admission related information that may be of interest.

I did not attend high school in Ontario, how do I know if I am adequately prepared for University of Guelph courses?

Please see the Admission Services information for Out of Province Applicants and International Applicants.

Is there specific information about applying as a Mature student?

There is information on the Admission Services website under the heading Admission Information about applying as a Mature student.

What high school courses do I require for acceptance into a particular degree program?

For information about specific subject requirements visit the Admission Services website. On that site navigate to Specific Subject Requirements from the high school subsection.

What is required for a prospective transfer student coming from another post-secondary institution?

The University of Guelph uses the word "Transfer" to refer to an applicant or new student who has previously attended (or who is currently enrolled in) a post-secondary institution (college or university) other than the University of Guelph. Students considering applying to Transfer to the University of Guelph from another institution should refer to the University/College Transfer information under Admission Information on the Admission Services website.