Can I graduate with a general degree and then complete the remaining requirements for the honours degree?

It is possible to graduate with a general degree and then complete the remaining honours degree requirements for programs that do offer a general degree (i.e. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Computing, Bachelor of Science). However, students who graduate with a general degree and then upgrade it to the honours program obtain an Honours Equivalent recognition and not an honours degree.

For more information about Honours Equivalent recognition please refer to the section entitled Graduation in Section VIII of the current Undergraduate Calendar or the Post-Degree Applicants sub-section of the Upgrading from General to Honours Degree (Honour's Equivalency) page on the Admission Services website at

How and when do I apply to graduate?

An email is sent to each student registered at the University in the sixth semester of general degree programs, the eighth semester of honours degree programs providing instructions on how to apply to graduate.

All other students who wish to apply for graduation should see the Graduation Information online at .

The Application for Graduation is available on your WebAdvisor account.

Applications for Graduation must be submitted by specific deadline dates. Deadline dates are published as part of Section III--Schedule of Dates in the current Undergraduate Calendar.

My application for graduation was denied because I failed a required course in my final semester. Do I have to apply again once I have passed the required course?

You do have to submit a new application for graduation for the future convocation ceremony according to Section III--Schedule of Dates of the current Undergraduate Calendar.

Where do I get a letter confirming my graduation from the University?

Students who have NOT convocated and require a letter confirming their upcoming graduation from the University make a request to their Program Counsellor.

Students who HAVE convocated and require a letter confirming graduation from the University make a request to the Undergraduate Graduation and Convocation Coordinator.

Information about both of these processes, including contacts, is online at .

Please note, to verify the credentials of a University of Guelph graduate 3rd parties -- such as a prospective employers -- can email The types of information that can be released in response to these requests are outlined in the Office of Registrarial Services' Departmental Policy on the Release of Student Information.