AHL LabNote 46-Purolator Express Return Labels for Overnight Prepaid Courier Services

Urgent orders email:  ahlinfo@uoguelph.ca or call 519-824-4120 extension 54530

Routine orders email: ahl.supplies@uoguelph.ca

Purolator Express Return Labels (a.k.a – waybills) are generated by AHL and sent to the requester via email. To request a Purolator Saturday Return Waybill, call AHL on the Friday before.

Important considerations when using the Purolator Express Return Label:

  • Please only use each Purolator Express Return Label one time
  • The labels have a unique barcode number (for tracking purposes) - it is scanned by Purolator at pickup time
  • Keep a record of the PIN# and track your package
  • Affix the Purolator Express Return Label to your package
    • Contact Purolator directly for a pickup if you do not have a predetermined pickup time
  • The parcel weight is set as 1 lb. It will be adjusted by Purolator upon pickup if the package weighs more
  • For the best outcome ship your package *** Monday to Thursday for next day delivery***consider the time of year –temperature heat/cold- when packing your parcel e.g. – use of ice packs
    • Use Puropak (Purolator bag) or your own packaging - DO NOT use Puroletter envelopes or add “Early Delivery” stickers – charges will apply
    • Limit shipments/per day - for multiple packages received from the same client/same day shipping charges may apply.  (Not applicable for formalin containers shipped separately from hematology/cytology slides – formalin fumes can cause issues with slides!)
    • Urolith submissions are not eligible for Purolator Express Return Labels - courier charges will apply.

Saturday Delivery Service Eligibility:

    • Extra charges will apply if your samples do not qualify for Saturday testing services.
    • You must be a regular client of AHL(more than one submission per week)
    • Must be priority samples (for testing to commence on the Saturday – emergency samples for Clinical Pathology and Bacteriology or emergency samples for Monday testing
    • Note: Check with Purolator that Saturday delivery to Guelph is available in your area of Ontario and clearly indicate “Saturday Delivery” to Purolator at the time of pickup call/and parcel pickup
    • If you do not use the waybill, please let us know, by providing the PIN# (we will get charged by Purolator even if you don’t use the Saturday Waybill) so that we can cancel it before 4:00 p.m. that day

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