AHL LabNote 46-Purolator Express Return Labels for Overnight Prepaid Courier Services

AHL offers prepaid overnight shipping by Purolator Courier for Ontario clients by the use of Purolator Express Return Labels.

Please email ahl.supplies@uoguelph.ca  to order your Purolator Express Return Labels!

Some things to note about our prepaid service:

  • We can send the courier labels via email (pdf) if you need a few labels.
  • For larger quantities, AHL can also print on Purolator “Peel and Stick Online Shipping Labels” and send the labels via courier if printing at your place of business is an issue.
  • We can email you a large number of labels if you prefer to print your own.  For printing, you can order “Peel and Stick online shipping labels from Purolator (online under “order supplies” or via phone 1-888-SHIP123 as long as you have a business account) – these can be used to print the pdf labels directly to a peel and stick label which can be easily applied to your package. 
  • Print every label only one time, each return label is unique and has its own barcode number for tracking purposes once the package is picked up and scanned by Purolator. We recommend that you keep a record of the PIN# in case there are delivery issues and you may need to track your package.
  • Affix the “Peel and Stick” label to your package, and you will need to contact Purolator directly for a pickup if you do not have a predetermined pickup time.
  • Purolator courier drop-offs at AHL are at 08:00 and 09:30 – Please only use Puropak or your own packaging, DO NOT use Puroletter envelopes or add “Early Delivery” stickers to our packages – they incur extra costs and are not necessary – a charge of $15.00 will be added for use of these stickers or Puroletter envelopes.
  • Please limit courier shipments to one per day – A surcharge of $10.00 applies when multiple packages are received from the same client on the same day when one package would suffice.  (This will not apply for formalin containers that are shipped separately from hematology and cytology slides – formalin fumes can cause issues with slides!).
  • The parcel weight is set as 1 lb. It will be adjusted by Purolator upon pickup if it weighs more.
  • The Purolator Express Return Labels can be used Monday through Thursday for next day delivery.
  • Saturday delivery service: You must be a regular client (those doing business with us more than once per week) and these must be priority samples (for testing to commence on the Saturday – emergency samples for Clinical Pathology and bacteriology or emergency samples for Monday testing. Note: Check with Purolator that Saturday delivery to Guelph is available in your area of Ontario and clearly indicate “Saturday Delivery” to Purolator at the time of pickup.
    • A charge of $30 will be added to the case for the extra courier charges involved if this is not the case.
  • To request a Purolator Saturday Return Waybill, you must call AHL on the Friday before.
  • If you do not use the waybill, please let us know, by providing the PIN# (we will get charged by Purolator even if you don’t use the Saturday Waybill) so that we can cancel it.
  • As noted on the Canadian Veterinary Urolith Center submission form – Urolith submissions are not included. A charge of $18.00 will be added to cover courier charges.

To order AHL- Purolator Return Waybills – please email:  ahl.supplies@uoguelph.ca or ahlinfo@uoguelph.ca or call: 519-824-4120 extension 54530

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