AHL Labnote 53-Seoul Virus testing in Rats

With recent human cases in Ontario there is considerable interest in testing of rats for Seoul virus.  AHL does not do this testing but we can forward samples to a laboratory with validated testing.  

Idexx Bioresearch Missouri


  • Live animal   - urine soaked feces or environmental samples
  • From postmortem samples - CDC indicates kidney and lungs are best. (feces also acceptable)
  • Price $78.95CAD (TAT=5-7 days) per sample (plus $15 handling and $4.50 shipping per case)


  • Use Opti spot cards  (available from AHL)
  • Potential for cross reaction with other hanta viruses.
  • Price $59.95 CAD (TAT=3-5 days) (plus $15 handling and $4.50 shipping per case)

“The IDEXX* serologic (antibody) test (Opti-Spot™) and molecular (PCR) test for Seoul virus in rats yield results closely similar to those for CDC’s tests for Seoul virus in rats.” (CDC website)

Any samples received at AHL should remain in the original container and not be opened or split unless in a biological safety cabinet with proper PPE, as outlined in AHL-001 Specimen Reception. 

As per any unknown sample – send via  UN3373


Jim Fairles,  Jennifer Zoethout

519-824-4120 ext 54530


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