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AHL supplies list

  • The AHL provides various sampling supplies at cost to our clients. 
  • The AHL has 40-tube blood mailers available for purchase. Ensure the survival of your specimens by shipping them in a sturdy container!
  • The AHL has larger histology containers to accommodate various tissue sizes:
  • 90 mL, 125 mL, 250 mL, and 500 mL.
  • For more information, email:

Bacterial and viral transport media from AHL LabNote 36

One of the most important aspects of diagnostic work is the actual sampling and handling of the samples prior to being received at the laboratory.

The best sample for microbiology testing is usually the substrate itself – feces, tissue, or fluid in leak-proof containers (liquids, feces) or leak-proof Whirl-Pak bags (tissue, feces). Ziplock bags are discouraged.

Swabs preferred for microbiology testing:

A) Bacteriology and Mycoplasmology

  • Starswab Amies Clear - VP # 1350500, VWR # CA66410-103L; or
  • BD single swab - Fisher # B4320115
  • VTM swabs are not suitable for bacterial culture testing because they contain antibiotics.

B) Virology - If swabs are needed, AHL prefers virus transport medium swabs for virology PCR tests.

Regular gel-based bacteriology swabs are unsuitable for PCR testing.

For some testing (PEDV), a fecal swab in VTM is preferred rather than feces.

  • BD Universal Viral Transport Standard Kit (can also be used for Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Chlamydia)
    • Fisher Scientific: Catalog # B220526
  • Multitrans Collection and Transportation System
    • Starplex VWR # CA73270-008 BD VWR

These VTM swabs are also available from AHL – please email to order.​